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Non-immigrant visa
Temporary visit of the Czech citizens to the Philippines
Czech tourists may enter the Philippines without a visa for maximum stay of twenty one (21) days from the day of their arrival in the Philippines until their departure provided they have a passport valid for at least six (6) months and a round trip airline ticket or onward airline ticket.

59-TEMPORARY VISITOR´S VISA Tourists needing a longer stay and business travelers may obtain visa for a 59-day stay from the date of their arrival in the Philippines. To apply for visa following are basic requirements:
1. Visa application form /FA Form No.2-A/
2. One passport size photograph
3. Passport valid for at least six months
4. Copy of roundtrip airline ticket and/or booking certificate from travel agency
5. Other documents the Consul may require to show proof of financial capability to afford stay in the Philippines
6. Travel insurance
For those travelling for business purposes
7. Letter of Invitation from a company in the Philippines or sponsoring firm specifying purpose of the visit
Fee: please see listing of fees.

Immigrant visa
1. Wife or husband or unmarried minor children of a Philippine citizen /13-A/
2. Child of alien mother but permanent resident in the Philippines, born during the temporary visit abroad of the mother /13-B/
3. Child born subsequent to issuance of immigration visa to accompanying parent, visa not having expired /13-C/
4. Filipino woman who lost citizenship by marriage to alien /13-D/
5. Returning residents /13-E/
6. Returning natural born Filipinos who were naturalized in a foreign country /13-G/
7. Refugees granted permanent admission by the President /47-B/

1. Accomplished application forms, with four (4) passport-size photographs /FA Form No. 3 and FA Form No. 11/
2. Birth Certificate photocopy with English translation
3. Police clearance with English translation
4. Medical examination report and AIDS clearance with English translation
5. Evidence of financial support, such as: Certificate of Income, bank statements, statement of assets and liabilities with English translation
6. Curriculum Vitae in English
7. Valid passport
8. Certificate of Citizenship photocopy
9. If married, photocopy of marriage contract with English translation
Fee: please see listing of fees.

Processing time: Non quota immigrant visas are normally issued within one week from application.
Note: Upon arrival in the Philippines, the immigrant must register with the nearest office of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

Other visas:
Detailed requirements for Students, Journalist/Media, Special Investor´s Resident Visa, Seaman/Crew List Visas, Treaty Traders, pre-arranged employment, foreign government official visas please consult with the Embassy´s Consular Section.



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